Spend Analysis

What challenges does your organization face?

Today, diversified businesses are facing increasing challenges to utilise spend information in a way that allows sourcing decisions to be based on a clear understanding of required outcomes. At one level Spend Analysis gives a cross-business view of how much is being spent, on which suppliers and from which cost centres across the business. This will allow for aggregation of spend and reduce costs by driving more volume to fewer suppliers.

At a deeper level, however Spend Analysis enriches invoice spend data with other supplier information such as Diversity, Risk Scores and Parentage. This additional information helps companies in their ability to manage supply chain risk.

ExceleratedS2P has experience of working with businesses, not only in the implementation of Spend Analysis but also in developing the internal business processes that will ensure that full value is gained from using this tool. Contact us today to see if your organization is ready to face these challenges.


Reduce supply chain risk

Understanding your supply base both in respect of number of suppliers and geographic spread but also in respect of parentage and diversity/financial risk.

Sourcing Savings

Improves understanding of spend, allowing you to develop a sourcing strategy that meets your business requirements.

Working Capital Leverage

Total visibility of supplier level payment terms and better supplier negotiation leverage.

Supply Chain Diversity and Sustainability

Comprehensive supplier information visibility on diversity and sustainability status.

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