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Purchase to Pay

London, UK, June 12, 2017 – ExceleratedS2P launches a new Ariba S2P packaged implementation for mid-market or SME companies at Ariba Live Prague…

ExceleratedS2P expands its presence as a global provider through the acquisition of Source2Pay, an Australian based Source2Pay Consulting Firm

London, UK, November 4, 2016 – ExceleratedS2P, the global provider of solutions in Source-to-Pay, announces its entry into Asia-Pacific through an acquisition of an Australian Source to Pay company…

ExceleratedS2P release its second Industry SAP Ariba Add-on for Oil/Gas and Utility companies for Procure to Pay processes

London, UK, June 14, 2016 – ExceleratedS2P, the global provider of solutions in Source to Pay, announces the launch of a new SAP Ariba Add-on for Oil, Gas and Utility companies for Procure to Pay processes…

A Very Good Overview of the Issues with S2P Solutions

At the recent eWorld Procurement and Supply event, a presentation from Conor Mullaney, a director of independent consultants ExceleratedS2P, provided a very good overview of the issues around end-to-end source-to-pay software solutions..

Organisational Adaptation to drive Adoption of Esourcing

In previous articles; I have referenced Technology and Organisational Adaptation and Process alignment as significant drivers for successful adoption of Procurement Technology. In the first article I talked about Organisational Adaptation and it is this aspect that I will expand upon here…

Procurement of IT

For decades technology has been the critical enabler for business – big and small.  Whether it be efficiency improvements, better engagement with customers or enhanced connectivity and collaboration..

SAP Partner Centre of Expertise

ExceleratedS2P is delighted to announce that our team has received the SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE), a highly desired and acknowledged certification introduced by SAP. This certification can only be achieved after an extensive audit…

SAP Ariba Health Check

Automatically Determining Tax Codes Within SAP, and even with the use of the SAP Invoice Management solution by OpenText, this challenge persists and can more often than not mean costly manual intervention and the associated risk of introducing errors By Navid Ahmad,…

Automatically Determining Tax Code

Processing in SAP requires a tax code; this requires the need for translating any external tax rates on an incoming AP invoice to an appropriate and accurate Tax code to allow entry and posting. The population of the correct tax code can often require…

Aligning Procurement Delivery To Your Organisation

Aligning Procurement Delivery To Your Organisation By Dr Chris Proudfoot, Lead Consultant at ExceleratedS2P In a previous article I discussed how use of Procurement Technology platforms can…

New Supplier Preformance Management Solutions

ExceleratedS2P announces the launch of the first industry solution based on SAP Ariba Cloud solutions, the Consumer Products Supplier Performance Management add-on for SAP Ariba which will provide to the Consumer Product based companies with visibility into all Supplier Information and Performance…

Purchasing Technology Adaptation

This article addresses the interrelationship between technology and organisational and cultural factors that drive successful adoption of technology innovation within purchasing operations. It is based on the author’s MBA dissertation combined…

Further thoughts on purchasing Technology Adoption

In a previous article, I talked about Technology and Organisational Adaptation. For me these are key factors that emphasise the importance of organisational learning in any technology programme. Fundamentally at the outset of a technology journey many organisation do not know what they do not know! As the technology implementation continues…

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