Strategic Sourcing

partners handsUtilise electronic collaboration with your suppliers to increase, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of your sourcing and tendering processes

You will benefit from an ability to quickly build tenders from either templates or library content and this will enable you to search for suppliers and add them to the tender. In addition you will be able to ensure that your internal processes, including approvals and reviews of tender documents, are followed and tracked

What challenges does your company face?

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly being challenged to find new sources of supply, to manage supply chain risk and show transparency within the sourcing process. eSourcing allows you to do this both efficiently and effectively. Using a project based eSourcing tool will also ensure that all documents and activities linked to the specific tender are stored and retrievable from a single “project” location.
Organisations will have a single window into all eSourcing and related activity and will be able track this activity without relying on weekly updates from busy procurement professionals.

ExceleratedS2P has worked with many organisations in planning, designing, implementing and supporting their eSourcing programmes to ensure that the eSourcing processes drive most value, linked to business objectives. Our focus is on helping businesses get most value from what an eSourcing tool provides, and not just automating your current sourcing processes.


Implementing Strategic Sourcing


Organisations consider Strategic Sourcing critical


Increase in Strategic Sourcing technology investment


Increase in improving Supplier relationships


Reduce supply chain risk
Understanding your supply base both in respect of number of suppliers and geographic spread but also in respect of parentage and diversity/financial risk.

Sourcing Savings
Improves understanding of spend, allowing you to develop a sourcing strategy that meets your business requirements.

Working Capital Leverage
Total visibility on supplier level payment terms and better supplier negotiation leverage.

Supply Chain Diversity and Sustainability
Comprehensive supplier information visibility on diversity and sustainability status.