Contract Management

partners handsUtilise electronic collaboration with your suppliers to increase, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of your contract management processes

Your organisation will benefit from an ability to quickly search and retrieve contracts combined with automatic notifications of expiry, renewal, etc. You will also be able to significantly increase the efficiency of contract authoring through use of templates, clause libraries and electronic review and approval of documents, including with the supplier, and, if required incorporation of electronic signatures

What challenges does your company face?


Businesses of all sizes are increasingly being challenged to manage the contracting process more effectively. This includes being able to search and retrieve contract information, notifications of expiry and renewal. This is an efficient and effective authoring processes that utilise templates, clause libraries and electronic signature. Also, companies need to have a consistent processes that follows the requirements of their business. With our contract management solutions organisations will have a single “window” into the contracting operations and will be able to report and track progress on all activities.


ExceleratedS2P has worked with many organisations in planning, designing, implementing and supporting their contracting programmes to ensure that the contracting processes drive most value, linked to business objectives. Our focus is on helping businesses get the most value from what a contracting tool provides, and not just automating your current processes.



Contract Management Solution


Renewal rates were seen by companies using Contract Lifecycle Management solutions


of companies are using manual processes to manage sales contracts


Contract approval time drops an average


Open and transparent communication and collaboration with suppliers during the Contracting process.

Better Cash Management
Planning and implementation of contracting processes that align to your required business outputs.

Standardised processes
Efficient contract authoring processes through use of templates and clause Library Content, electronic workflow for review and approval and, if required, electronic signatures.

Contract Compliance
Drive compliance to required contracting processes and allows contract management professionals to focus on their key objectives.