partners handsWe recommend adopting a Global Template approach, which is a recognised best practice approach for SAP projects, Shared Services Centres and organisations spanning multiple geographies

High level approach
We recommend adopting a global template approach, which is a recognised best practice approach for SAP projects, shared services centres and organisations spanning multiple geographies as it delivers the following customer benefits:

  •  Compliance with global standard business processes
  •  Transfer of leading practice across all lines of business
  •  Drive quick, repeatable project implementation
  •  Rollback of desired and required changes into the template
  •  Minimal investment into redundant process development


The global template approach allows customers with multi-site SAP installations to efficiently manage their business processes across geographical distances – from initial template definition to template implementation and template optimisation, such as part of a regional or global rollout approach.

Initial template implementation

Local project preparation;

  • Setup roll-out project framework
  • Create a local roll out project
  • Assign project team members, roles and responsibilities
  • Select one or multiple templates and related scenarios for implementation
  • Define implementation standards
  • Local business blueprint
  • Implement global processes
  • Adapt harmonised and local processes to local requirements
  • Document local requirements of harmonised/local processes
  • Sign off business blueprint
  • Rollback and template update
  • Feedback from local sites for improving and enhancing templates
  • Scope and enhance global template
  • Implement feedback from local sites
  • Roll out updated template


To complement the global template we offer our own fully functioning SAP “sandpit” system for use during the Blueprinting phase, which is based on our best practice baseline that we have developed through working with a large number and variety of organisations in diverse industries across multiple geographies. The blueprinting phase will then focus on identifying where this baseline does not meet requirements, thereby ensuring that you immediately grasp the core benefits of the solution at least cost, whilst reducing the risk of overloading users and IT.

We also recognise that the first six months of go-live is a critical period for any organisation implementing a transformed business process underpinned by technology. We mitigate this risk by supporting you taking responsibility for installation of the core software components, where we provide assistance and verification thereof in order to foster technical ownership by the client IT organisation, building knowledge transfer (including train the trainer) into our approach and remaining close to the customer during an industrialisation (hypercare) phase where the system is ‘bedded in’.

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