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Enabling our customers to source, buy and pay better

ExceleratedS2P “We want to make a difference


We enable our customers to source, buy and pay better by providing complete solutions through advisory, implementation and support  services to assist your company on your Source to Pay transformation journey.

Our vision as a company is to look ahead with the eyes of the future. What we do at ExceleratedS2P is to “help organisations get better in their investments and smart in the way they use technology today”.

But the most important about our company is our people, they are the engine room of the organisation, very passionate and they want to make a difference. Our services and solutions will help your company to increase productivity, efficiency, control and compliance.

ExceleratedS2P assists organisations to become best-in-class sourcing, procurement and finance functions through our advisory, implementation and optimisation services. Our focused services will enable an organisation to increase control and compliance in the end to end process which will lead to reduced costs and improved measurable and sustainable performance.

Our innovative solutions are based on best practices and a wealth of experience and will allow organisations to advance on the maturity curve to becoming best-in-class sourcing, procurement and finance functions.

Our vision is to look ahead with the young eyes of the future: always by making a positive and measurable impact to our customers businesses, with an absolutely unique service and excellent commercial network.

We differentiate ourselves by recruiting the best experts in the industry so that our customers always deal with experienced consultants. Our consultants have a personal approach to each project or assignment; helping to design processes that align to our customers’ business requirements.


Where ExceleratedS2P operate

“ExceleratedS2P is a new name for Excelerated Sourcing. We have been on our own transformation journey based on our continuing fast growth. Our strategic relationships with SAP/Ariba offering market leading service propositions to our varied customer base in the UK, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa continue to receive strong take up with companies looking to transform their source to pay processes. There are many companies in the market who are either business consulting focused or are technology focused. We are proud to offer our customers a complete service of providing advisory, business consulting and technology solutions to assist them on their Source to Pay transformation journey”.

Conor Mullaney, Director, ExceleratedS2P

Our Customers 

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