Change Management

ExceleratedS2P has extensive experience of supporting customers to ensure that the users engage and adopt the technology that has been implemented to improve the business process. Our practitioners are conversant with the issues/road-blocks/challenges and armed with our materials, templates and approach we will navigate you to a successful outcome.

We recognise that most organization have different cultures and challenges when it comes to Users and Business Partner engagement, adoption, change management and training. We appreciate that the impact of technology has made a huge impact on the User and Business Partner’s expectation. Through the many hundreds of projects that our consultants have delivered, we take those experiences and share them with you to ensure that the project is not just a great technical solution but user adoption is high and your organization gains maximum value for their investment.

From our extensive experience of Source to Pay projects we see that most organizations go through an inevitable productivity dip after any significant change.

Our belief is that Change Management is a set of planned activities to ensure the new model, processes and technology are adopted by the organization. Depending on the nature of the “change” it will determine what tools and approach to use.

Change management includes the following activities:

Organization and People

Determine who will be impacted and implement organizational and role profile changes.

Engagement and Sponsorship

Working with all organizational levels to ensure they understand why change is happening and help them drive behavioural change.

Business Process

Ensuring all levels of the business are aware of what changes to process and policy will be implemented – before training starts.


Educating people how to work with the new business process & technology.


Ensuring everyone knows what is happening, and well aware of the changes to come.

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