Catalog Management

What challenges does your organization face?

Strong catalog content is critical for both your users and suppliers. Making content manageable and easy to find ensures high user acceptance. Resulting in more spend under management. Companies of all shapes and sizes face the complexity of dealing with supplier product data, be that supplier product codes against internal company codes, unit prices, date ranges of agreed prices and contracts, for ease of use for the system users.

Catalog management tools enable your business to easily manage your catalog content, be they catalogs you set up and maintain or ones your suppliers maintain with your approval of change to provide your buyers with rich, accurate and current content.

ExceleratedS2P works with many organizations in planning, designing, implementing and supporting their catalog management systems to ensure that the purchasing processes drive most value and remain firmly linked to business objectives.


Bringing together information

Scattered information on products and services is brought together and the catalog is displayed centrally.

Enabling spend management

Control the range of items that can be purchased.

Visual aid

Images can be added for individual products.

Supplier ownership

Suppliers can upload their product data that can be approved internally.

End-users advantage

Strategically “directed” to buy negotiated (Contract) products.

Reduced time and effort

Creating purchase transactions.

Comparison price

Ability to complete product price comparison within E-Procurement.

Cost savings

Centralised catalog reference by users from multiple parts of your company.

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