partners handsEven though you have made the strategic decision for SAP, your choice of Source to Pay solutions is not set in stone

SAP provides a full Source to Pay solution suite both On-Premise with its ECC based platform, and On-Demand with Ariba and Concur


We have found that many organisations are confused as to which way to turn, particularly if they have already made investment in one or the other of these models. Organisations have made a clear-cut strategic decision to go one way or the other, with most opting for a hybrid approach taking elements of each to service the full end-to-end S2P process.

Where organisations have already decided on a specific solution, it still has to be implemented and configured to meet the objectives, goals and aspirations set out for it. Organisations appear to be unaware of the options that are open to them. We have also found that many organisations could derive much greater benefit from the SAP solutions that they are already using, often with a few relatively simple changes, the addition of components that bring great benefit to the overall solution or looking at the business process itself.

Although the cost element is always a key factor in every decision-making process, as a company you will need to consider if and how the changes might impact the organisation i.e. new roles & responsibilities, internal processes, users’ adoption, buyer and technical support after the implementation. Whether it is SAP products or the Ariba / Concur cloud solutions you are considering, we have the know-how and experience to guide you to making the right decision.


  • Procurement Transformation Value Assessments
  • Source to Pay Design and Roadmap Consulting
  • Procurement BPO Advisory and Design
  • Supplier Enablement Consulting
  • Upgrade Assessment
  • SAP Sourcing Optimisation Review & Best Practices
  • Supply Chain Finance Consulting
  • Purchase Cards Consulting
  • E-Invoicing Strategy Consulting
  • SAP ESOD – Project Management & Training
  • Spend Analytics Optimisation Review
  • Usability and Mobility


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